Location Cape Dani, Syros
Area 250000m2
Category Landscape Architecture
Status Design

The topography of the area indicates an intensely sloping ground and diverse relief surfaces with small or large rock formations offering special aesthetic interest and panoramic views. The coastline is mainly rocky and steep.

The plantations are mostly mediterranean and strongly influenced by the topography and the climate of the site, while there are Pine areas, olive groves, orchards, vineyards and more arranged vegetation at the surrounding areas of the buildings.

The general idea of ​​the plan was integrating materials and plant species into the landscape taking into account the accessibility requirements, grading and drainage, site amenities and environmental considerations for an environmentally sustainable and integrated landscape.

Marking the paths and selecting a series of points related to orientation and views, resulted in a network of paths (paved, soil or gravel) which are connected through a continuous promenade generating the concept of a trekking path passing through architectural structures, recreation areas, points of interest within the landscape of the site.