Location Lolantonis, Paros
Area 10000m2
Category Landscape Architecture
Status Design

Water always gives a sense of movement and flow, and this is something we could not ignore while designing the landscape of this residence. The property is in front of the coast and its topography indicates the existence of a wadi (small stream) that guides the rainwater from the top of the property down to the sea.  

This flow has given rise to a design that enhances the memory of the wadi, through specific plantings that reminiscent of the water and running through the site from the north to the south while water is practically managed in such a way as to avoid water concentration near the housesurface runoff and soil erosion. 

The plantations are mostly Mediterranean and strongly influenced by the vegetation of the surrounding area in order to smoothly integrate the residence into the landscape. At the same time, plantations serve the functional and aesthetic needs of the residence.