Location Marousi, Attica
Area 160 m2
Category Landscape Architecture
Status Design

A wooden patio was designed on a roof top of a building that houses the offices of a large company. The key point of the design was to create a pleasant and functional meeting space for employees while creating a place that gives the opportunity to host company’s events.

Without fragmented the space but through a proper design, the plant zones create separated areas, that give employees the opportunity to take a quiet break or even work, but also areas that allow more socializing.

IROKO natural wood flooring and grass plantings contrast with the concrete and metal elements and create an ideal balance between nature and human intervention. A 15 cm metal element runs through the wooden floor and defines the planting zone consisting of grasses. Concrete workbenches on metal base and metallic cubes in bright red colour give the space the intensity it requires while removable awning fabric provide shade during summer.

The green roofing system that specified is the extensive type, ideal for the selected plants species. This system consists of a 15 cm light substrate with a load of 150 kg/m2 in saturation state.