Location Athens, Attica
Area 100m2
Category Landscape Architecture
Status Design

Developing a garden in a veranda leads to the transfer of indoor activities to the outdoor space. The landscape of a veranda, when it comes to a house, is exposed and there is little or no isolation. This fact is more intense in a dense urban network, when the surrounding buildings are few meters away.

Taking into consideration that the development of the perimeter is critical, not only to ensure some privacy, but also to enable certain views and vistas to the city, constructing a perimetric element, that transforms and converts, is essential.

Outdoor activities depend on the coterminous indoor. Thus, an outdoor living room is extended from the living room of the house. This space has south orientation and its pergola with the mobile vertical wooden elements make it suitable for all day activities, creating shade. A small fire-pit element, that also serves for a table near the wooden bench, creates a calm atmosphere.

Metal plant containers progressing along the entire veranda, provide several spaces for sitting areas while various plant species provide isolation from the city noise and the sight to surrounding buildings, allowing the view to the landmarks of Athens.