Location Glydafa, Attica
Area 350m2
Category Landscape Architecture
Status Design and Construction

A comprehensive landscape plan was developed to reflect the interior style of the pool house. The design creates a harmonious outdoor living environment by maximizing views of both sea and hills while establishing spaces that provide the opportunity for various levels of entertaining.

A signature alley with grey mosaic floor and parterre gardens with shade tolerant shrubs and perennials like Liriope and Calla, create different spaces for the owners to enjoy varied views and experiences throughout the day and night from both the inside and outside of their home.

The back portion of the property was designed to be more like a vertical garden with special wall construction for creepers.

Vegetation and fencing are used to improve the privacy of the pool house. The landscape plan uses many unique, tropical and low growing perennials and shrubs to provide this design with year round interest as they combine aesthetics with functionality.

*Project in cooperation with Stokas Inc. and photographer Michail Damaskos