Location Voula, Attica
Area 200m2
Category Landscape Architecture
Status Design

The challenge in this project was the owners’ requirement to redesign parts of the outdoor space preserving some of the existing elements like the entrance and the veranda floor, a pergola in the pool area and some of the existing plants. The redesign of the stairs that leads from the balcony to the garden area was made to create not only a direct physical connection but also a visual connection between the home and the garden. A seating area with a BBQ and a large wooden table placed under the existing pergola creates a cool and friendly space for the owners and their guests.

The mail floor redesigned to be covered by a cast material that creates a mosaic of light gray and blue elements, while a wooden floor leading to the shower was placed around the pool. All materials have been chosen to provide a high aesthetic and functional value while the basic requirement was the long life and low maintenance costs.

Particular attention was paid to the plantings. The few planting areas had to serve the needs of privacy without creating excessive shading. Plants with upright growth and dense foliage such as Laurus nobilis and climbing species such as Rhynchospermum jasminoides and Bougainvillea were selected for the perimeter plantings. As a background to the pool, the three Chamaerops were preserved and the tropical character was enhanced with plants such as Strelitzia augusta and Colocasia. For the low planting zone, a variety of shade plants have been selected to create a rich in shape, texture and color effect.